Terms and Conditions

Titanwinds Terms and Conditions of service


By checking the “I accept” button following these terms, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms set forth.  These terms are between you (“member” or “you”) and Titanwinds (“company”, “service”, “program” or “we”).

The Service:

Your acceptance of these terms and a one-time payment grant you access to the program. You ay use this service for its intended use; non-lawful use will result in cancellation of your account.  Use of any information, data, or material of any kind from our site outside of service that violates any international, US Federal, State, or City law(s) is prohibited and could result in punishment up to but not limited to imprisonment.  This includes, but is not limited to copyrighted material protected by trade secret and other statutes, personal date of members, and company financial information.

We agree to grant you use of the service in return for your agreement to comply with the terms and conditions.  Membership in the program does not entitle you to any rights of ownership or permissions to access the system as an administrator, nor does it imply that you work for or have any other relationship with us other than member/client.

We reserve the right to change, modify, or remove any part of these terms and conditions without prior notice.  Changes or modifications to the program including but not limited to matrix changes and additions, commissions and payouts, sponsor bonuses and payment processing options may also be made without notice. Notification of athese changes will be posted in the “News” tab on the Titanwinds.club website and on our Facebook page.  We also reserve the right to shut down the program without notice; if this should happen the program status will be posted on the Facebook page.

If, for any reason, these rules and guidelines are unacceptable to you, do not click the “I accept” button below and do not continue with the registration process.  Your continued use of our program, now or following any future notification of changes, will constitute a binding agreement and acceptance of said terms.

If yu wish to discontinue use of this service or do not accept future changes please notify us in writing through the “Contact Us” tab on the company website.  Discontinuance of your account will result in forfeiture of any future payments that you may be entitled to; any downline that has been attached to your account with you as sponsor will roll up to your sponsor or the member above you.

Member Responsibilities

To gain access and become a member of the Titanwinds program you must first click the “I accept” button below then continue to the registration page.  You must provide us with current, complete, and accurate information.  You shall not knowingly provide false identity information or provide information with the intent to create a false identity.

You have the responsibility of and agree to inform Titan winds of any issues you may encounter (unauthorized use of your account, payment problems or website issues).

You are solely responsible for preserving and maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password.  Futhermore, you are entirely responsible for any and all activity that may occur within your account (including payments and withdrawals).

jYou agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Titanwinds and its officers, directors, administrators and employees (collectively “Titanwinds”) from and against any and all liability, claims, losses, damages or expenses (including attorney or legal fees) directly or indirectly incurred from or relation to your use of the service.

Social Media and Member Conduct

Titanwinds has a Facebook page and related chat group.  Upon joining the program your sponsor should add you or send you an invitation or link to join the Facebook program page and chat.  This Facebook page is intended to answer questions and keep members informed of any changes or additions and forthcoming promotions for members.

The chat is your opportunity to ask questions, interact with the system administrators and build relationships with fellow marketers and members.  You may also invite prospective members to the chat so that they may obtain more information.  The chat is meant to assist in answering questions and building up members, to create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm in the program and life in general as well as create a sense of belonging.

Any negativity, vulgar language, defamatory comments about or toward Titanwinds or its members will not be tolerated.  The Facebook page will be monitored daily.  Any member caught or reported as committing this offense will be removed from the Facebook page.  Activity as such could result in termination of account and possible further legal action.

As a member of the service you are permitted to promote your link as you see fit, provided the promotion does not violate the terms set forth in this agreement.  Any form of social media advertisement shall be permitted, you may promote your program link as a business opportunity outside of social media as well.  Advertising is permitted through, but not limited to, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and various traffic exchanges.  Included with your membership is a free membership to Traffic4You; you may advertise your link here as well.

Any conduct deemed to be slanderous or that may negatively impact the program will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to account termination and possible law enforcement contact.


Upon joining the program and paying the entry fee, you will be given a unique link associated with your account.  This link is for you to give to prospective members interested in joining the program under you, in order that you may build your network or downline.  You may give your link to individuals personally or use it in advertising.

You are permitted to use any type of social media or other means at your disposal.  You will also be given a free membership to Traffic4You as a product of Titanwinds.  Promotions through any of these means must fall within the guidelines and not violate any of the terms of this agreement.

Titanwinds will not be held responsible or liable for any advertising costs incurred by you or your actions.  You are responsible for any payments or costs associated with any advertising that you commit to.

Zero Refunds Policy

Titanwinds offers a ZERO REFUNDS POLICY to all Members. This is foremost because new Member positions are allocated instantaneously and commissions on all joining fees are paid instantly as soon as the joining fee payment is received.

To repeat: Titanwinds offers no refunds.

Titanwinds also has a ZERO CHARGE-BACKS POLICY on all credit card transactions. So if you decide to join Titanwinds using a credit card, please understand that this is a final and irrevocable transaction.

Payment and Payouts

Commissions are paid when the user submit an payout request by the Titanwinds proprietary software --- meaning that as soon as a commission is earned it can by wish of the Member payed out to the respective Member.

Cancellation and Termination

We may terminate or suspend your account immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the Terms.

Upon termination, your right to use the Service will immediately cease. If you wish to terminate your account, you may send us a message through the "contact us" tab and request that your account be canceled. 

All provisions of the Terms which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity and limitations of liability.




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